Wednesday, June 10, 2009

YAY coming soon & still gna be M.I,A here n there

YAY my belated bday gift from my mother-in-law
Chanel lipsticks, mascara, & concealer

hmm Chanel lipsticks or Dior lipglosses love them all

Yay n if i need more she said just ask :P wooo cuz she works at Dior <3

everything together :P

Lancome make-up purse & a Kabuki if i spelled it right :P

& how it looked when i removed the lancome purse >.< i was like YAY MAKE-UP! :P

LOOK omg just wanted to share how pretty the invitations turned out Thank you Cheysser love u ^.^
more pictures to be posted up soon... if i can find my camera =( & if im not busy love n thank u guys for helping me choose this picture <3

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sorry i been M.I.A.

Sorry I been M.I.A. I'm gonna be M.I.A. for awhile till my son's Christening is over...
I been busy helping & taking care of my grandmother while my uncle has been in the P.I. for a wedding but he's back now so i'll try n get on blog to read n comment here n there but no blog for me sorry =( , today & yesterday i've been babysitting my baby sister Annika she's 6 now i was gonna post up her bday cake up, her bday was June 3rd but i cant post up pictures something is wrong with my internet or computer I keep losing connection so i guess its the internet so i cant upload but i will load up pictures when i can & i will try again before i get off the computer.
Can't wait to show u guys the invitation n how it looks I know alot of u voted on 1 & 2 but i agreed on what others said on which seemed more appropriate to put on an invitation so i think it was 7 that is on the invitation.
& i wanted to haul a belated birthday gift its Channel & Dior Make-up from my bf's mom... YAY ^.^ i'll try n post up when i can :S

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Help choose please?

Hello Ladies i need help choosing a Picture for the invitation since no money to go out & do a studio picture of Ceejay & Carlo's mom is spending sooooo much for the Christening... Please help me choose like tell me your top 2 choices please?






Thanx 4 helping out <333

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Naomi's Contest

Hello beauty bloggers ^.^ I decided to join Naomi's contest, even tho i'm just starting out, I'm just gonna try & i was also holding my baby so I guess you can say it was a one hand job :P

Well heres the rules:
What you need to do Create a wearable purple look using whatever makeup you have. I forgot to mention in the video that you don't have to use only purples but you could use purple with pinks, blues, teals, golds, and so on. As long as you have purple somewhere on your lid, I will accept it. Rules
1. You have to be my follower.
2. You have to have a blog.
3. Take a picture of products you used and list them.
4. Take three pictures of your final look, one looking down so I can see your eye makeup, one looking straight, another one with whatever pose/face you If you are inspired by something or someone, please send me the inspiration picture as well.
5. Post your entry on your blog and send it to me via e-mail( When you e-mail me, please include your blog URL so I know who you are.6. The dead line is 2weeks from now. (5/25)
There will be one winner.

What made me choose the look well... My Favorite Color is green & my boyfriend's favorite color is Purple so i did a look with Purple & Green =D

I know only three but heres a little extra

Mommy & Baby

I love my Boy Ceejay

Raw Mineral foundation Light3
Mineral Glow warm glow
Channel 20 beige clair
Dior Color Secrets Blush
Lancome 6 color focus Green & Purple
Dior Color Secrets White
Wet n Wild Mega eyes blackest black
Lancome Juicy Tubes Candy

I just used what I had & tried to keep it simple thanx for stopping bye =D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday to me yesterday :P

The 1st person to greet me was at midnight Shantee my lovely sister love u.
I woke up i got money from my grandma & then a call from my mom saying get ready cuz they cooked pancit for my bday >.< & it was yummmmmmy, then time passed & it was almost 6 so i called Rundie & said meet u at Pizza Hut 6:30pm & tried to call Cheysser but she wasnt home =( so i left her a msg on msn since her cell is logged on to msn :P & then when i got to Pizza Hut Shantee was the first one there with Jim & YAY thank u shantee for the gifts i love it >.< & Thank u Shantee, Jim, Rundie,Cheysser,Richard,Lhen, & of course my hubby Carlo all for being there to celebrate my 22nd Birthday =D

Shantee i love the gift box where did u get it?

This was from Shantee thank u & love u <333

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still trying to find the time to Blog :P & OMG i love Dramatic Smokey look >.<

YAY today is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna go eat Aji-Ichi omg i miss the sushi box or the Tempura Box >.<>
oh which reminds me Ceejay was at the hospital on the 12 cuz he was Dehydrated cuz he had the vomiting & diarrihea that was going around... man i was sooooooo scared =( he freakn vomited pretty much everything i gave him & poo out all the liquidy stuff, so much changing of his Diaper more than 10 pampers were soiled... Poor Ceejay u should of seen him so lathargic/ no energy for anything just lying there looking made me so sad & scared =( but they said just keep hydrating him with Pedialyte or sports drinks & give him B.R.A.T. diet (B.anana A.pplesauce T.oast) to try & make his stool hard. Thank god He's fine now =D

I love the Dramatic Smokey look i tried. i'm trying different looks whenever Ceejay is asleep so i guess less rest for me :P I'm allergic to some make-ups tho like the make-up Shantee tried on me idk which it was but made my face itchy, but i'm fine with the make up i use, elf, Dior, Channel, & Lancome. omg i want the Lancome artliner eyeliner noir hint hint my bday is coming up
lol i tried it but no picture upload again >.<>Happy Bday to me in 5 Days!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I've been busy couldnt blog =( but i am blogging now :P

Ceejay had a fever for awhile his fever went up to 101.2 & i was scared so i pretty much gave him infant tylenol & observed him i think this was wed./thurs. or thurs./friday i felt so sad he wasnt active n he couldnt eat well cuz he would throw up after he ate =( he caught it from my cousin Sabastian which he is called Basty but Ceejay is all better now until

Friday i was doing laundry then cooking & all of a sudden i hear Ceejay crying real hard & i ran to the room he fell off the bed bad daddy wasnt watching him =( made me cry, i was scared i didnt want him falling off the bed n he gets a sprang or something else & friday night he couldnt sleep well cuz he didnt have his pacifier so i told his great grandma he cant sleep well without his pacifier man friday night i had to leave my nipple out & let him suck on it all night n i couldnt sleep it sux sumtimes cuz im a light sleeper, but anything to help my baby get his rest & thank u grandma for getting Ceejay his new pacifier he sleeps better

Saturday was a busy day i did the laundry n washed the dishes & take out the trash & clean. then i rested for awhile with Ceejay we took a nap, then we went to a Christening at Corridos.Carlo's co-worker invited us, then we went to Richard's house it was his dad's Bday. oh boy Ceejay sooooooooooo scared of the dogs he'd cry when he sees a dog or hears them bark awww so we stayed in richards room & on the way to his room i stepped on Maria's dog's pee i was like ahhhhhhhhh I stepped on pee lucky i was wearing socks but yeah took them off n washed my feet in the bathroom. i went home cuz ceejay was sleepy & Carlo & the other guys went to Jef Nacar's go away party man i missed out carlo told me how he acted i was shock lol well i guess everyone is different when they Drink :P

Happy belated Mother's Day & yes u too Jenny ur a mommy =D
I made cheesecake for my grandma & i BBQ man it was sooo hot out side n i stank smelled like smoke & sweat haha i was like damn i feel like im in a sauna :P i washed my grandma's dishes & i called my mom to say Happy mother's day n she was working on mother's day oh well that's pretty much it :P update yah soon =)

ooooh yeah man i been liking the comments i been hearing from some people u lost weight keep it up =D yay its working walking/working out or doing any activity that makes u work out ur body for 30 minutes to an hour a day helps alot >.<

i'm trying to add pictures of ceejay but it wont let me so i'll try again later